Activities & Prizes

As an online conference, we know that it's important to go the extra mile to keep our attendees interested and engaged. That's why we have a host of live activities and contests running throughout the conference lined up.

Prizes and Gifts!

Why should you participate 🤔 ? Well, we hope that they will be fun and that maybe you will learn something new about Flutter while participating. However, we also have some more concrete incentives lined up... Prizes!!!

Here are the prizes that will be awarded throughout the conference for the various activity contests and quiz winners!

  • 🎫 Udemy vouchers 🎫
  • 🎫 Codemagic Voucher for $100 USD credit, for 20 winners each 🎫
  • 🎫 AppCircle Voucher + FREE account 🎫
  • 💰 500€ by The@Company for 5 winners each 💰
  • 🧸 Dash the bird!!! (10) 🧸
  • 👕 T-Shirt (FlutterVikings/Community/Flutter) 👕
  • 📚 "Flutter Complete Reference" book (Ebook and/or paper copy) 📚
  • 📚 "Flutter in Action" Ebook (voucher from Manning) 📚
  • ✨ Stream contest prize (cash + swag) ✨
  • ✨ Donation to charity on behalf of you (up to USD 20) ✨

Some of our sponsors are also giving gifts to all attendees! These are discount codes. So, attendees with tickets will get these later in an email.

For everyone: The @ Company Gift for Virtual Community Gift Bag
The @ Company, creator of the Open-standard, P2P @protocol, invites you to register free and/or custom @signs at a discount for being a valued member of the Flutter Vikings Community. Depending on the level of customization, this code will secure 50% off, or up to $20 in savings on custom @signs.

Contests Running Through the Conference

The @ Company App Contest

Create a simple mobile application using the @protocol and to submit your application to us by 3p PST Friday, November 20, 2020.

Prize: Winners of the challenge will receive 500 Euro!!! They will select up to five winning apps.

The top one will also receive a Dash!

Read more about the details here

Stream Contest


The codelab is built to help users become familiar with our Flutter chat SDK. It requires basic knowledge of Flutter and no prior knowledge of Stream. The tutorial is short and only takes ~15 minutes to complete.

Users are required to scan or enter their ticket ID to unlock the codelab experience.

Codelab URL:


Build Viking is a week-long Flutter hackathon which gives developers the freedom to create whatever their heart desires. It is an opportunity for developers to showcase their creativity by building innovative apps, websites, or desktop applications in Flutter.

Developers are free to use 3rd party services such as Rive, Firebase, or any package to design and build their applications.

Note, participants are *not* required to use Stream for this activity.

Submissions for build Vikings close on midnight Sunday, 22nd November 2020 UTC. The form for submissions can be found here.

Activity URL: Stream loves Flutter Vikings

Activity Submission form: Submit here


There are two prizes that will be given to the top two winners of the Flutter app contest. The first place winner will get E-Gift card and Stream swag. The second place winnter will get Stream swag.

The top one will also receive a Dash!

They will also give Stream Swag and will be given to a random participant who completes the Stream codelab.

Flutter on Azure challenge from Microsoft!
Deploy any Flutter Web app on Azure Static Web Apps to get a Builder digital badge of the Azure Heroes program.


The top one will also receive a Dash!

Logo Contest

During the conference: Recreate the Flutter Vikings logo using a custom painter (or whatever you like). For bonus points, add some animation. Create your own creative demo and submit a codepen link to us.

Make your codepen here:  Code Pen

Submit your codepen logo link here with the subject "LOGO CONTEST":  [email protected]

Prize: For the 3 best logos:Dash!
For the next 7 best logos: The Complete Flutter Reference as an e-book

Social Media Contests

Take a selfie and tweet it with this to win (Be creative with your selfie's and Tweets)


Take a selfie and post it on Linkedin with this text to win (Be creative with your Linkedin Post)

Prize: For the 5 best social media posts each day: Udemy voucher

Live Activities

During the conference, there will be a number of different live activities. Some of these activities involve quizes and contests, for which you can get prizes. You can see when the different activities are scheduled here:  Agenda

AppCircle Quiz

The AppCircle company will host a quiz. This will be the first Activitiy on November 17th (Day 1) 4:10 - 4:30 pm CET


Grand prize winner: 1-year free Appcircle Professional Package

2nd place: 1-year free Appcircle Developer Package

3rd-5th place: 3-month free Appcircle Developer Package

Flutter Complete Reference Quiz

Alberto Miola, the author of the The Complete Flutter Reference book, will host a quiz. He made custom flutter web app just for this activity! Link to it will be provided at the start of the quiz. To participate, you will need to enter your ticket number. This will be the first activity on November 18th (Day 2) 4:15 - 4:30 pm CET

Prize: The first 10 winners can get either a physical or digital copy of the book. The second 10 winners get a digital copy of the book

Diversity Activity

Danielle Cox, the Flutterfly, will give a talk and host an activity about diversity. This will be the second activity on November 18th (Day 2) 4:15 - 4:30 pm CET

Please submit your story and win a prize.

Prize: 5 x USD$20 donation to on behalf of the winners! You are awesome, you help people have pure water! you save people's life.

CodeMagic Quiz

In addition to giving an informative talk about CI/CD, our sponsor CodeMagic has created a personality test type quiz for developers using Flutter Web. In order to enter the prize draw for the credits, please complete the quiz here and tweet the results to @codemagicio with #fluttervikings.

Prize: They will give $100 credit for CodeMagic to the first 20 people who win (We don't know how you win a personality quiz either. It will be interesting to find out!)