Miguel Beltran

Time is based on Central European Time (CET)

(GMT+1:00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna

Date: Day 2, Wednesday, 18th November

Time: 3:05pm to 3:30pm

Name: Miguel Beltran


Miguel is a freelance developer based in Berlin, experienced in mobile development both on native and cross-platform apps. He currently co-runs a podcast called Code Cafeteria and you can find him sketchnoting at tech conferences.


Testing Everything in Flutter

One of the best things about the Flutter developer experience is writing tests. Traditionally, testing in native platforms has been a tedious task which teams left to do, but with Flutter, writing automated tests that verify the logic of your app is a breeze. In this talk, you will learn how to write effective Unit and Widget tests. I will give you an introduction to testing, what mocks and fakes are and how to use them, the tools that Dart provides us for testing and how to cover with tests your application logic and widgets in Flutter. You will also learn what “driver tests” are and when to use them. This talk is intended for developers that are familiar with Flutter but are not yet familiar with testing. After this talk, you and your team will become more effective developers by writing tests and code that will withstand the “test” of time.

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